Dynatronics Corporation announces plans to consolidate all distribution functions from its facility in Livermore, Calif, to its headquarters facility in Cottonwood Heights, Utah.

Over the last several months, Dynatronics has expanded the distribution capabilities at its Utah location. Once the lease on the Livermore facility expires in December 2017, the Utah location will be the primary distribution center for the western United States.

Dynatronics expects to provide the same level of service to Western states customers at a lower cost, according to a media release from the company.

“We are looking forward to continuing to provide the high quality service to our Western states customers through our Utah facility that we have provided through the Livermore distribution facility.  All customers serviced from the California facility should still remain within a one to two-day delivery time,” states Jeff Gephart, Senior VP of Sales at Dynatronics, in the release.

Cyndi McHenry, Dynatronics’s VP of Operations, explains that, “We initiated this transition several months ago and have successfully completed the move.  We are pleased with how seamlessly we have been able to make the transition.  In the last year, we have sharpened our focus on finding better ways to meet our customer’s needs, while reducing overhead.

“By consolidating our two sites, we reduce distribution costs by more than one hundred thousand dollars per year.  By better utilizing our facility in Utah, we have been able to simplify our operations while providing the same high level of service.”

[Source(s): Dynatronics Corporation, PR Newswire]