mediMediware Information Systems Inc, recently introduced its new brand identity, intended to reflect the transformation the company has made during the past several years.

After a history of specializing in inpatient blood and medication management software solutions, the company has now strived to be an industry leader in fields that include physical rehabilitation, home care, specialty pharmacy, cell therapy, and respirator therapy.

A company news release notes that the company has also expanded by providing solutions for states and managed care organizations focused on managing services for aging, intellectual disabilities, adult protective services, and behavioral health.

In the release, Thomas Mann, president and CEO, Mediware, designates updating the Mediware brand as “a great way to reflect the change we have undergone and to position the company for the future as we provide software solutions supporting care providers outside the hospital and managing community services. We are excited to expand our solutions to help organizations provide services at the appropriate cost and manage the changing demographics.”

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Source: Mediware