UK-based Vicon announces that Blast Motion used Vicon motion capture technology to certify the accuracy of the Easton Power Sensor.

The Easton Power Sensor is a precision swing motion sensor used in baseball and softball. According to a media release from Vicon, it slips over the knob of any baseball or softball bat, and it is designed to capture highly accurate swing metrics and deliver advanced performance analysis. Its aim is to help baseball and softball players hit with more power and efficiency.

Blast Motion, based in Carlsbad, Calif, used a five-camera Vicon system to help ensure precise motion tracking of the Easton Power Sensor, the release adds.

“When it comes to swinging a baseball bat, the difference between 5 mph and 10 mph can be extremely significant to a player. This was one of the main reasons Easton turned to Blast Motion and Vicon,” says Henry Fitzpatrick, product manager of Van Nuys, Calif-based equipment manufacturer Easton Baseball/Softball, in the release.

“Easton looked to Blast Motion to ensure accuracy and consistency, and that is exactly what their Vicon system helped them achieve,” states Jeffrey Ovadya, sales and marketing director, Vicon, in the release.

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[Source: Vicon]