EyeGuide, based in Lubbock, Tex, introduces EyeGuide Focus, which, according to the company, can detect concussion in 10 seconds by recording and interpreting athletes’ eye movements.

Per the company’s website, the system works by asking the athlete to look at a small white circle moving against a black background on an iPad screen. The EyeGuide headset then records the eye movements during the test.

Before the season begins, the athlete takes a baseline test. Then, if an injury is suspected, he or she takes the test again. The system then compares the athlete’s score with his or her baseline score, as well as to the scores of others in the system. If the score is abnormally low, it indicates a drop in neurocognitive ability associated with brain injury, the website continues.

A press release from the company notes that EyeGuide Focus is currently in the final stage of testing and will be available for sports teams by summer 2016.

For more information, visit EyeGuide.

[Source(s): EyeGuide, PR Newswire]