Aquatic Therapy & Rehab Institute (ATRI) announces its educational affiliation with Wuhan Sports University (WSU), located in Mainland China.

WSU educates students preparing for careers as physical educators, personal trainers, physical therapists, medical therapists, massage and bodywork therapists, and athletic trainers. Its programs include swimming, aquatic therapy, and aquatic research.

“Partnering with ATRI will give WSU a unique opportunity to ensure that our students have an experience that can better prepare them for the future,” says Dr Ting Liao from the WSU research department, in a media release from ATRI. “We will offer ATRI hands-on education, the ATRI Certification, and open ATRI opportunities in our country.”

The nonprofit educational organization ATRI offers continuing education courses that contribute to the development of healthcare professionals involved with aquatic therapy.

“ATRI looks forward to working with WSU to help more people use the water for healing,” states ATRI President Ruth Sova, in the release. “It’s very exciting to know that all our members and branches are making a difference worldwide.”

[Source: Aquatic Therapy & Rehab Institute]