Foam roller manufacturer TriggerPoint encourage the public to celebrate National Foam Rolling Day on May 11 by posting images of themselves using foam rollers on social media, using the hashtag #NationalFoamRollingDay.

Those who do so will be entered into a contest to win the Ultimate Foam Rolling Package, which includes the GRID VIBE vibrating foam roller, as well as the MB5, MB2, STK, and NANO rollers.

Additional activities in the days leading up to National Foam Rolling Day include: “Get Unstuck,” from May 7 through May 11, during which TriggerPoint is posting content on its website and social media pages regarding how to use foam rollers to roll out the body’s toughest areas; and free foam rolling classes and workouts offered at local businesses throughout TriggerPoint’s Austin, Tex base.

“We all suffer from aches and pains. From the casual fitness fan, professional athlete and weekend warrior, to the everyday person looking to feel and move better, anyone can and should experience the benefits of foam rolling,” says Marco Garsed, VP of marketing for Implus, parent company of TriggerPoint, in a media release.

“TriggerPoint celebrates National Foam Rolling Day to bring awareness to the need and benefits of foam rolling and to encourage everyone to include it in their everyday routine,” he adds.

[Source(s): Implus, PR Newswire]