Insight Care Navigator, new from Clinicient, is designed to support orthopedic episode-based bundled payment arrangements.

It features an integrated suite of care coordination tools to support patient communications, patient engagement, patient education, provider coordination, and reporting dashboards; as well as a nationwide network of 2500 physical therapy clinics that bundle administrators can tap into to deliver therapy services, according to Clinicient in a media release.

“Insight Care Navigator provides evidence-based guidance to therapists and complete transparency to bundle administrators to demonstrate the efficacy of their therapy services,” says Jerry Henderson, PT, and Clinicient vice president of Clinical Strategy, in therelease.

Kent Rowe, Clinicient CEO, adds that, “It empowers care coordination teams to direct care to the right place, at the right time and fight the spiraling costs of delivering quality healthcare that improves people’s lives. It’s a win for multiple constituents including patients, care providers, payers, and bundle administrators.”

“We are excited to contribute our bundled payment experience and clinical expertise to help with the development process of Insight Care Navigator. Clinicient’s Insight Care Navigator will become an important, fully integratable option in VSP’s turn-key bundled payment administrative service,” states John Friend, JD, managing member of Value Stream Partners LLC, which provided input in designing Insight Care Navigator.

[Source(s): Clinicient, PRWeb]