SyncThink, a next generation neurotechnology company, and makers of the award-winning EYE-SYNC technology, announces that it will rebrand the company as NeuroSync, as it looks to grow its stance in the neurological health market. With a new executive team, new products delivered and others under development, NeuroSync embarks upon accelerating its traction in the larger Neuro Healthcare landscape. In doing so, NeuroSync will leverage its market leading position with EYE-SYNC’s core technology, its significant IP portfolio, broad array of clinical publications, and the extensive patient data it has accumulated through prior and ongoing clinical studies.

“NeuroSync represents a new chapter for our company,” said Chairman and CEO Gary Gregory. “It is a strong reflection of what we have built and where we are headed in delivering diagnostic and therapeutic solutions for neuro health disorders around the world. Our proven ability to deliver objective and actionable data to providers, while expanding accessibility and outcomes for patients, positions us to transform the neuro health arena. With our technology platform, clinical position, and value driven solutions, we are extremely enthused about the runway before us, as we relaunch the company and strategic direction under NeuroSync.”

“Our evolution to NeuroSync highlights the bright future and vision of the company, while paying respect to our rich history of discovery and innovation. To that end, we felt that preserving the ‘Sync’ in our name serves as a nod to both our past and future, while also accurately representing our proprietary synchronization metrics, AI and analytics,” stated Founder and CSO Jam Ghajar, MD, PhD.

In recent months, NeuroSync has taken several steps to establish its position in the broader neuro health market. In February, it was chosen as a healthcare partner of Augmented Reality (AR) leader Magic Leap, where they will co-develop a platform for vestibular disorders. In August, EYE-SYNC received CE Mark certification to commercialize efforts into Europe. Currently, NeuroSync is sponsoring ongoing clinical studies toward the development of a biomarker identification platform for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), further expanding the reach and impact of its technology platform across the neuro health market.

“The days of the imprecise diagnosis and treatment plan are over. Neurological providers and patients deserve better tools for better outcomes,” said Gregory. “And, that’s exactly what we are going to deliver.”

The new company name will be accompanied by an updated style of branding marks, logos, and colors in order to reflect a more modern look and feel.