Origin – physical therapy designed for women and mothers – has launched virtual care to support those at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, it announces in a news release.

Women can now get non-invasive, affordable care for commonly overlooked health issues in the comfort of their own homes.

Many adult women in the United States experience health issues that can be treated by full body and pelvic floor physical therapy. These conditions include diastasis recti, sciatica, incontinence, prolapse, and dyspareunia, and often occur around major life changes, from pregnancy through menopause. Yet many women either live with the uncomfortable, painful symptoms for their lifetime or are prematurely recommended invasive options, like surgery.

After delivering her son, Nona Farahnik Yadegar, Co-founder of Origin, experienced various issues with her body. She was healed through physical therapy and partnered with her husband, David Yadegar, co-founder of Origin, and lifetime friend and consumer healthcare expert, Carine Carmy, co-founder and CEO of Origin, to help create a higher standard of care for women and mothers, a media release from Origin explains.

“We are thrilled to create a safe space for women to have real conversations and expert care for our entire bodies,” Carmy says. “It’s especially important when access to healthcare is limited because of COVID that women have options — particularly if you’re pregnant or a new mother.”

Origin operated previously as Bebé Physical Therapy in the Los Angeles area.

“As a physical therapist who specializes in women’s bodies and the pelvic floor, I am so grateful for the opportunity to treat patients who come through our doors in emotional and physical pain, and leave feeling better, with a deeper understanding of their bodies,” shares Sarah Clampett, clinical director of Origin, in the release. “Behind each condition, there’s a woman and her story, and Origin is here to listen.”

In addition to virtual care, women now have access to Origin’s online resources, including educational content and virtual events with leading women’s health practitioners coming soon.

Origin is in-network with most major insurance plans in California, per the release. To sign up, learn more about Origin, or apply to join its growing provider network, visit Origin.

[Source(s): Origin PR, GlobeNewswire]