To address patient and claims representative concerns regarding in-clinic treatment during the COVID-19 pandemic, MedRisk has added a COVID-19 component to its PTConsult service.

MedRisk’s managed care program for physical medicine includes a consultation with an on-staff physical therapist, who educates patients on the importance of physical therapy and sets expectations. Therapists also identify perceived barriers to recovery that now include COVID-19 anxiety.

Originally used only before the start of treatment, PTConsult is now available to patients who have disengaged from rehab at any point in their treatment, the King of Prussia, Pa-based company notes in a media release.

Incorporating clinical guidelines from the CDC and key metrics from MedRisk’s International Scientific Advisory Board that determine functional status and current and future risk, the enhanced service helps guide patients and claims adjusters in decision-making.

“A 20-year-old with no underlying conditions may, after the consultation, feel more confident about receiving care in an in-clinic setting,” says Mary O’Donoghue, chief operating officer, in the release. “But patients who are high risk for severe COVID-19 symptoms due to certain chronic diseases or comorbidities may need to take extra steps to prevent exposure to the virus.”

MedRisk shares the consultation results with patients and uses them to inform adjusters and nurse case managers whether in-clinic therapy, telerehab or postponing therapy with self-care management is most appropriate.

For more information, visit MedRisk.

[Source(s): MedRisk, Business Wire]