Healthclick introduces “Achieving Advanced Levels of Functional Mobility with PNF Techniques,” a new course to instruct physical therapists on developing treatment strategies to impact patients’ tone and improve their ability to treat stroke patients.

Tone is a disordered sensory-motor control resulting from an upper motor neuron lesion, and patients can experience intermittent or sustained involuntary activation of their muscles. This type of issue is common with patients that have experienced a stroke and brain injury.

A physical therapist with the proper training can prevent the long-term effects on patients with time-related issues such as pain, spasms, limb contracture, and deformity.

The course instructs the physical therapist on PNF techniques and tools to incorporate PNF concepts into a well-developed rehab plan. This physical therapy continuing education will assist the therapist in utilizing a comprehensive neuromuscular approach to promote functional movement.

“Achieving Advanced Levels of Functional Mobility with PNF Techniques” is part of the Healthclick continuing education course subscription for physical therapists. For more information, visit Healthclick.

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