Nevro Corp, a provider of evidence-based solutions for the treatment of chronic pain, announced the settlement of its patent lawsuit with Nalu Medical

In February 2020, Redwood City, Calif-based Nevro filed a patent lawsuit against Nalu Medical, accusing Nalu Medical of infringing Nevro’s patents directed to high-frequency spinal cord stimulation (SCS) therapy.  As part of the litigation, Nevro was seeking injunctive relief to prevent Nalu from commercializing certain high frequency spinal cord stimulation therapies.  

Nalu represents that it does not currently offer SCS therapy that contains high-frequency waveforms, nor does it have plans to commercialize high-frequency waveforms in the future and, on that basis, the parties reached a mutual agreement that avoids the expense of any further litigation.

“We are very pleased with this outcome. Over the years, Nevro has made sizeable investments in developing and protecting its core intellectual property and this settlement represents the third time we have been able to successfully prevent a competitor from infringing our high frequency patents.  That we are able to reach an efficient conclusion to this litigation, wherein we maintain the exclusivity of our high frequency SCS therapy while avoiding the expense of protracted litigation, is the best possible outcome.”

— Kashif Rashid, Nevro’s General Counsel

“Nevro continues to be the only SCS company that can offer high frequency SCS therapy. Nevro’s high frequency therapy is also the only FDA-approved SCS treatment option for painful diabetic neuropathy.  With this litigation behind us, we can better focus our resources on continuing to develop and deliver life-changing solutions to our current and future patients.”

— D. Keith Grossman, Nevro’s Chairman, CEO and President

[Source(s): Nevro Corp, PR Newswire]