ImpediMed Limited announced the release of the next generation software for the SOZO Digital Health Platform, designed to help clinicians measure body composition, monitor fluid status and assess lymphedema in patients.

This software release, designated as Version 4.0, adds an intuitive redesign, enhanced security and privacy measures, and personalized data sets to provide clinicians with in-depth, actionable information to maximize patient health, according to the company in a media release.

“The latest update to the SOZO Digital Health Platform provides clinicians with even more power to monitor patient health and make crucial clinical care decisions. Version 4.0 allows care teams to generate personalized patient datasets, compare previous measurements with current ones, and add notes and tags to patient profiles.”

— Richard Carreon, Managing Director and CEO of ImpediMed

Version 4.0 Software

The SOZO Digital Health Platform Version 4.0 software includes advancements such as a major redesign of the User Interface, making the software even more intuitive and easier to use for clinicians managing multiple patients across a variety of conditions. The visual display incorporates further customization, enabling clinicians to tag measurements and make patient notes supporting clinical decision making while assisting clinicians in the timely retrieval of critical information.

The upgraded software also features new tools to monitor patients’ body compositions. Novel reference ranges have been added to the body composition analysis, combining tissue and fluid analyses into one.  An update to the segmental analysis implements the SOZO Digital Health Platform’s new license for measuring composition of the arms and legs. Version 4.0 also includes enhanced privacy and security features such as a hidden patient list, Multi Factor Authentication (MFA), and Single Sign On (SSO) to protect patient data.

The SOZO device is a noninvasive monitoring tool using bioimpedance spectroscopy (BIS) technology to deliver a precise snapshot of fluid status and tissue composition in less than 30 seconds with 256 unique data points. The FDA-cleared, CE-marked and ARTG-listed digital health platform assists clinicians in the early detection of secondary lymphedema and measures fluid status for patients living with heart failure. It provides a patient’s L-Dex score, a non-invasive, reliable, validated tool to help clinicians identify subclinical lymphedema, the release explains.

[Source(s): ImpediMed Limited, PR Newswire]

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