M3DVR, Winter Park, Fla, a member of the National Center for Simulation, is currently mainly focused on projects for the US Military, but CEO Matthew Hogan told Spectrum News 13 the company is looking to branch out and make its technology available for physical therapy patients. 

Hogan plans on using his tech to enter other fields like gaming and health care, specifically for anyone going through physical therapy.

“For us, we’re looking at the capabilities for the physical therapy and occupational therapy industry,” Hogan said.

M3DVR created an omnidirectional treadmill, called the Infinadeck, which means someone can move in any direction. It’s a tool that can be used for military, health and gaming purposes when used along with a virtual headset. In fact, the Infinadeck was used in the film “Ready Player One.”

[Source: Spectrum News 13]