Clinical documentation and billing are now integrated at Rehab4Life Physical Therapy, thanks to the practice’s decision to implement the Total INSIGHT solution from Clinicient.

Prior to choosing Total INSIGHT, the practice—with three locations in the Fargo, ND area—used separate systems for its clinical documentation and billing, and this created isolated data silos that hindered effective operations, notes a media release from Portland, Ore-based Clinicient.

Now, after having implemented the Total INSIGHT system, the aim at Rehab4Life Physical Therapy is to gain full visibility into its Medicare compliance and how well its claims are reimbursed.

“Before Clinicient we had little visibility into how our clinical documentation was impacting reimbursement. We could not make confident business decisions, because our separate systems did not measure what mattered to our business,” states Roger Stroh, MPT, MSA, CFCE, CEAS, owner of Rehab4Life Physical Therapy, in the release.

“We’re confident that Clinicient can provide a full, accurate representation of how we are individually and collectively doing and ultimately give us the confidence we need to continue to grow our business,” he adds.

“We’re thrilled to announce that Rehab4Life Physical Therapy has chosen our Total INSIGHT solution as part of their ongoing efforts to achieve practice transparency,” says Jerry Henderson, PT, Clinicient co-founder and VP of Therapist Succes, per the release. “Their decision to partner with Clinicient demonstrates a clear willingness to grow and improve, and we believe this collaboration will ensure that they are able to do so.”

[Source: Clinicient Inc]