Luna, provider of in-home, in-person outpatient physical therapy, announces the launch of five new clinical intervention programs to dramatically reduce MSK total cost of care and ensure better patient outcomes. 

The five new programs serve a variety of needs, from surgical assessments to postoperative care, and are available in 28 states covering 190 million U.S. residents.

Leading health plans, including commercial and Medicare Advantage plans, ACOs, MSOs, and value-based care providers, are incorporating these services into their member benefits and patient offerings to reduce surgery costs, improve adherence to care, reduce home health costs, reduce risk of falls, and increase mobility.

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Alternatives to Luna include facility-based and virtual care, but both of these options face challenges with adherence and engagement. A recent study indicated that outpatient PT patients strongly prefer in-person, in-home care over facility-based or virtual care. The study also revealed that for those in the 55+ age group, virtual care was so unfavorably viewed that patients would rather go to a facility than opt for a virtual solution.

“Luna’s mission is to deliver the highest quality of care in the home, and at the same time, drive down MSK total cost of care for health plans and at-risk providers,” says RaeAnn Grossman, Luna chief growth officer. “This unique and compelling combination ensures adherence and cost-effectiveness with even better patient outcomes.” 

Luna’s five new physical therapy care programs were developed to offer health plans the best of all worlds; cost-effective care delivered in-person at home by licensed physical therapists and a high (99.6%) patient satisfaction.

Luna’s five new clinical intervention programs: 

●          Luna Complete dynamically tailored adherence to care enabling patients to complete their therapy with 80%+ achieving their discharge goals.

●          Luna Surgical Readiness focusing on effective non-surgical therapy and avoiding unnecessary surgeries, given that 33% of joint surgeries and 50% of spine surgeries are avoidable.

●          Luna Postoperative Success combining the convenience of in-home with outpatient postoperative care, resulting in 55%-70% lower costs than traditional home health. 

●          Luna Fall Safeguard focusing on flexibility to protect from falls and improve safety.

●          Luna Mobility Empowerment prioritizing Medicare Advantage patients to strengthen mobility, regain independence, and reduce the cost of care. 

The company says these tailored programs deliver results because physical rehabilitation is experienced differently based on various factors, including comorbidities and life stage. 

“With our tailored strategies for health plans, Luna continues to redefine in-home, in-person physical therapy, setting a new standard that delivers exceptional care to more people to achieve better health outcomes, greater satisfaction, and more value,” adds Grossman.