DIH, a provider of global robotics and virtual reality (VR) technology, has entered into a strategic partnership agreement with Reha Technology, it announces.

Under this agreement, DIH will take over the distribution of Reha Technology’s robotics products, and will promote and distribute Reha Technology’s end-effector-based gait therapy devices in key markets such as Switzerland, Germany and the US.

“We are very excited with the addition of the portfolio from Reha Technology. This strategic partnership is another testimony of DIH’s passion to continue to bring the best in our industry together, and to transform the rehabilitation care model.”

— Jason Chen, CEO and Chairman of DIH

“We are very pleased with the partnership with DIH which gives us access to a global high quality, distribution, training and service network. Our G-EO robots with its unique functionalities of an end-effector-based gait trainer perfectly complements the Hocoma portfolio and enables DIH’s customers to provide a full suite of integrated robotic therapies with consistent high Swiss quality.”

— Peter Pauli, CEO and Chairman of Reha Technology

“The G-EO products are a great extension of our advanced robotic solutions, and we are excited to harvest the synergies and enhanced benefits that we can deliver to our global customer base. It’s at our core to continue to enrich our Hospital Solution offering with state of the art products that delivers superior value to both patients and customers.”

— Dr. Patrick Bruno, DIH Chief Market Officer Hospital Solution

[Source(s): DIH, Business Wire]