Athletico Physical Therapy announces the opening of a new location, this time in Olivette, Mo.

The 9,000-square-foot facility offers outpatient physical and occupational therapy that is customized for injured workers, endurance athletes, weekend athletes, and seniors.

“The amount of space we have allows for multiple therapists with specializations under one roof,” states Jim Host, vice president of clinical operations, in a media release from Athletico.

“This space is incredible. It allows us to have injured workers performing specific job simulation tasks like climbing a ladder to a second floor platform and have a dedicated space for endurance athletes undergoing jump analysis to correct any deficiencies in their landing style during volleyball or basketball that may cause injury,” adds Jacob Bauman, MPT, CMPT, facility manager of Athletico, per the release.

Services offered at the new facility include physical therapy, workers’ compensation services, endurance rehabilitation, and complimentary injury screenings.

For more information, visit Athletico.

[Source(s): Athletico Physical Therapy, Business Wire]