OneStep, a physical therapy application harnessing the power of motion sensor technology within our smartphones to improve the recovery experience, announced today the appointment of Patrick Tarnowski, a seasoned healthcare executive, as Chief Commercial Officer. Tarnowski will lead OneStep’s commercial sales efforts, focusing on expanding business and partnerships.

Patrick has over 30 years of experience in various roles within the US healthcare industry. He served as an executive at Blue Cross Blue Shield where he spearheaded their health and wellbeing portfolio. Prior to that, he held several leadership roles including Director of Operations for the Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute and Chief Alliance Officer at Orthology. Patrick has also held several academic appointments focusing on clinical care and healthcare business fundamentals. He has been part of the National Science Foundation’s Innovation-Corps program and is himself a physical therapist with a degree from Boston University. 

OneStep’s innovative technology leverages the ever-present power of the smartphone to passively capture gait data in a natural setting, analyze it, and bring immediate, easy-to-understand, around-the-clock feedback directly to patients and their physical therapists – turning the smartphone into an accessible, state-of-the-art alternative to lab-based gait analysis. 

“With our unique ability to assess personalized, evidence-based rehabilitation programs with data-backed feedback and 24/7 access to physical therapists at the touch of a screen, OneStep is providing ongoing care to more patients, leading to better clinical outcomes at a lower cost,” said Patrick Tarnowski, incoming CCO of OneStep. “We are building meaningful partnerships throughout the whole value chain, from physical therapists to surgeons and medical device manufacturers. With OneStep, these providers are in an ideal position to promote health and wellness in their patients and clients. Digital healthcare has become the newest frontier in care delivery and I’m excited to be joining OneStep at this amazing time.”

“Patrick’s extensive knowledge and stature take us a giant step forward in bringing OneStep’s innovation in the physical therapy space to the wider healthcare industry,” said Tomer Shussman, Co-Founder & CEO of OneStep. “Patrick is an expert at building long-lasting partnerships that are mutually beneficial. With his help, our technology will create a win-win situation for all stakeholders – from patients to providers – and transform the physical therapy space completely.”

[Source(s): OneStep, PR Newswire]