The TayCo External Ankle Brace is designed to be worn over shoes and features a strap that locks the shoe into place to provide ankle support that doesn’t restrict normal function while recovering from injuries.

The brace was designed by Mike Bean, an associate athletic trainer for the University of Notre Dame football team, as an alternative to traditional ankle braces, as well as walking boots, casts, and AFOs.

It was created with help from help from Surestep, a custom orthotic company, and Midwest Orthotic & Technology Center, both based in South Bend, Indiana.

“We were able to create a brace that protects players, but still allows them to function and do the things they need to do on the football field,” Bean said. “By putting this brace on, they found they had a lot more stability, a lot less discomfort,” says Bean, in a news release from the IDEA Center at the University of Notre Dame.

Bean teamed with Fred Ferlic, an orthopedic surgeon who has worked with Notre Dame athletics, to form the company TayCo Brace LLC and bring the brace to market.

“What we’re after is function, to return a patient to their normal lifestyle as soon as possible,” adds Ferlic. “It covers the 40 most diagnosed ankle problems there are.”

Four different brace types and three hinge adjustment options are available. To determine an appropriate sizing, only a few quick measurements and photos of the foot, ankle, and shoe are required, the release continues.

[Source: University of Notre Dame, Tayco Brace LLC]