NeuFit, a provider of advanced neuromuscular treatment for patients and athletes, recently launched its Neubie Grant Program. This program supports physical therapy practices that serve a disadvantaged population and who often have difficulty accessing and evaluating new clinical technologies for their practice.

NeuFit has selected Eugene Oregon-based Functional Foundations Pediatric Therapy as their first Neubie Grant Program recipient. The pediatric practice will receive a Neubie device and all training necessary to utilize and evaluate it for three months at no cost.

Functional Foundations Pediatric Therapy was founded by Sophia Patel with the goal of creating a community for children receiving therapy for complex physical and medical limitations and their families.

NeuFit Grant Program Winner, Sophia Patel (image courtesy of NeuFit)

“At our practice, we strive to create an environment where therapy is effective and functional,” said Patel. “But what is also very important for us is to provide natural opportunities for socialization between children and their families. We thank NeuFit for this special opportunity to integrate the Neubie device into our caregiving and are excited to see how we can expand what is possible with our children.”

During their three-month period with the Neubie device, Functional Foundations Pediatric Therapy plans to work with the technology to explore enabling their children to participate in more experiences that are commonly enjoyed by their developing peers.

“We are delighted to work with Sophia Patel and her team as our first Neubie Grant recipient,” said Garrett Salpeter, founder and CEO of NeuFit.  “The opportunity for their practice is not only in expanding the physical capabilities of their pediatric patients but also in enabling the families they serve to gain access  to cutting edge medical technology like the Neubie device which can improve their child’s outcomes.” 

The Neubie neuro-electrical stimulation device is part of an overall methodology called the NeuFit Method for helping patients to recover from accidents, injury, surgery, and neurological conditions. It was developed by Garrett Salpeter, a neuroscientist and engineer, and his team at NeuFit. Salpeter recently published a book on his research and the use of the Neubie device, The NeuFit Method, Unleash the Power of the Nervous System for Faster Healing and Optimal Performance.

[Source(s): NeuFit, PR Newswire]

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