Cryomed Ltd launches the Cryomed Mini, which according to the company is a smaller, more compact, and more affordable but equally powerful version of the original Cryomed PRO cryotherapy unit.

Featuring a height of 1.78 meters (5.8 ft) and a surface area of 1 m² (10.7 ft²), the Cryomed Mini can be placed conveniently and delivered and installed easily.

In addition, per the company in a media release, the device can be connected to the Internet via LA or Wi-Fi; can be controlled with a desktop computer, smartphone, or tablet; and is equipped with an active reporting system that sends the device’s current status to the customer‘s inbox.

More than 20 colors are available to choose from to customize the surface and interior. In addition, customers can choose to place their logo on the Cryomed Mini.

[Source(s): Cryomed Ltd, PRWeb]