German Bionic Systems presents AI-powered exoskeletons to protect workers in physically demanding jobs. The new smart wearable tools, which will showcase at CES 2003, include:

  • Apogee: a lightweight and versatile AI-supported power suit
  • Smart SafetyVest:  a smart vest for ergonomic monitoring and protection
  • German Bionic IO: the cloud-based software platform that manages and analyzes workplace ergonomics and safety practices

Also on show and available for demos will be the CES 2023 “Best of Innovation” (Wearable Technologies) Award-winning Cray X exoskeleton.

Apogee: Smart Robotic Exoskeleton for the Workplace 

The AI-supported Apogee is the company’s next-generation smart robotic wearable tool. The dust and water-resistant device maximizes workplace safety by providing up to 66 lbs (30 kg) of support for the lower back per lifting movement and helps minimize fatigue thanks to active walking assistance.

Smart SafetyVest: Ergonomic Protection Made Simple

German Bionic’s Smart SafetyVest incorporates advanced sensory capabilities and AI power to deliver data-based, personalized ergonomic insights, as well as assessments and recommended actions at the press of a button. In addition to custom workplace insights, it can pinpoint ergonomic risks and improvement opportunities to reduce fatigue and injuries that can otherwise lead to high levels of illness and absenteeism – regardless of the type of work being performed.

German Bionic IO: An Ergonomic Data Platform for the Workplace 

The cloud-based German Bionic IO platform analyzes data collected from Apogee, Cray X and Smart SafetyVest, applying machine learning and AI to continuously learn and enhance safety effectiveness with the wearer’s every movement. With the Smart Safety Companion early warning system for ergonomics – which alerts, for example, of instances of poor posture, incorrect lifting, and excessive strain – the German Bionic IO platform provides comprehensive monitoring and reporting functions as well as individualized recommendations for action based on real, relevant data.

“With our new wearables, we are empowering hard-working people with the tools they need to do their jobs more safely and sustainably. Both our new ergonomic wearables – Apogee and Smart SafetyVest – as well as our award-winning Cray X exoskeleton enable us to provide the right support for just about any company or work environment where manual work is performed. And with the German Bionic IO data platform, we also deliver a powerful analytics tool for workplace ergonomics and processes,” says Norma Steller, CPO of German Bionic.

“Our smart power suits and wearables protect people performing tough physical work on a daily basis in system-critical jobs against over-exertion and injury. They provide mechanical support for lifting and carrying, and use a smart assistance system to alert users, for example, of instances of incorrect lifting or when they should take a break. This leads to less time off work as a result of illness caused by excessive strain or accidents, which not only makes for happier employees but also more productive employees,” says Armin G. Schmidt, CEO and co-founder of German Bionic.

The new generation of German Bionic smart wearables including the Apogee power suit, the Smart SafetyVest, and the German Bionic IO platform, along with the CES 2023 “Best of Innovation” Award-winning German Bionic Cray X industrial exoskeleton, will be on display January 5-8, 2023 at CES in Las Vegas, booth 7141 (Tech East, West Hall).

[Source(s): German Bionic Systems, PR Newswire]