National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and Garmin have teamed up to provide evidence-based health education and insightful wearable technology to their communities. The collaboration aims to leverage Garmin smartwatches to improve health, fitness and recovery knowledge among NASM’s membership of certified personal trainers while expanding fitness resources to Garmin customers. 

“We are excited to offer our community access to Garmin’s cutting-edge wearable technology, which will provide even more actionable data for our personal trainers, wellness coaches and fitness enthusiasts,” said Laurie McCartney, president of NASM and AFAA. “This will serve as a valuable tool for fitness and wellness professionals, especially those focused on clients with wellness, weight loss and performance enhancement goals. It’s a great first step, and we look forward to providing more health information to our network and continuing to explore more exciting ways to elevate the fitness community in tandem with Garmin technology.”

The additional resources provided by NASM will allow Garmin users to take their fitness journeys to the next level, and it will allow fitness enthusiasts and professionals already in the NASM community to better understand and track vital activity indicators such as heart rate, sleep quality, steps, workout intensity and much more. 

“Garmin and NASM are both dedicated to helping and inspiring people to pursue and achieve their personal best, so this collaboration truly is a win/win,” said Susan Lyman, Garmin vice president of global consumer marketing. “We’re excited to support personal trainers, wellness coaches and their clients as they work together to reach their fitness goals using Garmin products and technology.”   

[Source(s): National Academy of Sports Medicine, GlobeNewswire]

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