Foot Levelers launches its new rehabilitation website, which offers resources that show patients how to perform rehabilitative exercises. Its ultimate goal is to provide patients access to safe, easy-to-follow exercises to help prevent and reduce pain.

The website is designed to help patients learn more about their conditions and how to perform in-home rehab exercises for improved results and faster recovery. It includes numerous informative rehab articles and videos that demonstrate the proper way to perform exercises and use equipment like the TRI-FLEX total body rehab system. Content is conveniently organized by different parts of the body like the feet, shoulders and spine with information on common conditions in those areas and their treatments. Some of those common conditions include plantar fasciitis, bursitis, knee pain, and low back pain.

Website visitors seeking care can also fill out a contact page to be referred to a Foot Levelers provider for treatment. 

“We created the Foot Levelers rehabilitation website to help health care professionals achieve the very best outcomes with rehabilitative care, by providing videos and information not available anywhere else.

“We’re excited about the benefits doctors and their patients will receive from this dynamic, easy-to-use website and are sure that it will contribute to improved healing and higher quality of life.” 

— Kent Greenawalt, Chairman and CEO of Foot Levelers Inc

[Source(s): Foot Levelers, GlobeNewswire]

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