Athletico Physical Therapy announces an expanded partnership with Focus on Therapeutic Outcomes Inc (FOTO), to provide functional status and outcomes data for patients across all of its clinics.

By using strong risk adjustment algorithms to predict outcomes, FOTO provides Athletico with individualized, function-focused data that therapists utilize to establish individualized treatment programs, benchmarks, and expected recovery times. The benchmarks and expected recovery times are derived by pulling data from similar patient episodes among the 5 million in the FOTO system, explains a media release from Athletico.

“By integrating FOTO into Athletico’s over 400 clinic locations, we’re accentuating the importance of improving patient outcomes to help people experience improved quality of life more efficiently,” says Mark Kaufman, president and founder of Athletico, in the release.

“With FOTO, Athletico physical therapists are able to provide informed treatment plans using the outcome data to create a roadmap of milestones for patients to pursue.”

Al Amato, president of FOTO, shares that, “We are proud to partner with Athletico Physical Therapy to provide risk adjusted benchmarked reports measuring functional outcomes and patient satisfaction. Athletico providers will use the FOTO reports to engage patients in their care and help the clinicians at Athletico measure the quality of the care provided.”

[Source(s): Athletico Physical Therapy, PR Newswire]