XRHealth announces it has received a patent to measure neck and shoulder protraction and retraction motions with AR/VR technology that are often practiced in occupational and physical therapy rehabilitation.

U.S. Patent Number 16/506,404, titled “Systems and Methods For Guiding And Measuring Neck and Shoulder Protraction and Retraction Motions In Virtual/ Augmented Reality” was published on July 26.

XRHealth originated the method of measurement that is based on technology inherent in AR/VR, which previously had no other way to measure or guide those specific motions. The new technology will provide data for physicians to measure initial agility of patients and compare that with the outcomes after treatment, to have clearly defined results.

This technique was developed after years of experimenting in the field of neck and shoulder rehabilitation. XRHealth realized there is no good solution for guiding and measuring this type of motion, which is imperative for the rehabilitation process. XRHealth uses a unique 3D element that is made of multiple pistons that move in a specific track in 3D space to create this measurement solution.

Patients often suffer from protraction retraction issues as a result of whiplash, frozen shoulder, herniated disk, and certain types of degenerative diseases that can affect that area of the body, XRHealth explains in a media release.

“This new method of measuring protraction and retraction of the neck and shoulder will be crucial for the rehabilitation process and measuring patient progress. Currently, there is no other way to guide and measure this motion that affects so many millions of people, yearly.” 

— Eran Orr, CEO of XRHealth

XRHealth is a virtual clinic that treats patients at home with Virtual Reality (VR)-based therapy while they are monitored by a licensed XRHealth therapist. The XRHealth VR/AR platform combines FDA-registered medical applications with advanced data analytics, providing a comprehensive solution for therapists and patients, while collecting and analyzing patient interactions with virtual objects in virtual environments, per the release.

[Source(s): XRHealth, PR Newswire]

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