Softstar Shoes, a maker of handcrafted minimal footwear, announces the release of the Primal, part of the RunAmoc collection.

The Primal features an anatomically correct sole shape that is modeled after the way the feet are meant to spread while in movement, as well as a wide toe box built to allow for healthy toe splay. Made from soft, pliable leather uppers that mold to the foot and a flexible, zero-drop Vibram rubber sole, the Primal is built to encourage the feet to move freely while building strength and balance.

Color options include all black, gray with blue details, and maroon with brown and sage green details.

“This shoe is revolutionary in the healthy footwear market because of its sole shape,” says Softstar CEO Tricia Salcido, in a media release. “There is a growing movement of people ‘re-wilding’ their feet—spending more time barefoot and correcting years of debilitating and deformative effects of ill-fitting footwear. The Primal is a direct response to their feedback requesting the ultimate in natural footbed design.”

All shoes are handmade and hand-stitched in Softstar Shoes’ workshop in Philomath, Oregon.

[Source(s): Softstar Shoes, PR Newswire]