A new testing program introduced by New York City-based NYDNRehab is designed to use biomechanical analysis to help prevent sports injuries, according to a news release from NYDNRehab.

Developed by Christopher Powers, PhD, PT, FAPTA, from the University of Southern California, biomechanical analysis, per the release, is engineered to offer a noninvasive route to help athletes stay proactive and prevent sports-related injuries.

The technology, the release explains, uses force plate technology and motion cameras to analyze forces, toques, kinetics, and kinematics of movement specific to the athlete and their sport.

These movements are then recorded and compared to a standardized biomechanical range, which then gives each parameter a score based on the percentage risk factor for a specific type of injury, the release notes.

Centered on the collected data, a report is customized for the athlete with specific recommendations for areas of improvement: strength, stability, flexibility, movement control, and technique, the release says.

For more information on this technology, visit NYDNRehab.

[Source: NYDNRehab]