Available from PainsandStrains.com, Injury Specific Care Kits aim to speed up recovery times while lowering healthcare costs.

Individual kits are available that contain solutions and exercises necessary to treat knee, ankle, elbow, or foot pain. Each kit addresses the four key elements of recovery, according to the website: reduce the swelling, protect the injury, build strength and regain motion, and offer instant relief to assist with recovery.

“Healthcare costs are continually on the rise, with treatments for some of these common conditions running from $600 to $950,” says co-founder Joe McClung, in a media release. “Our kits cost a fraction of the price to see a specialist, and feature medical grade orthopedic solutions and exercises.”

“The first treatment option for many orthopedic injuries is often conservative–think icing, bracing, and physical therapy,” adds co-founder Ryan Geringer, DO. “These are all important treatments people can do at home, and our kits make it straightforward and affordable.”

[Source: PainsandStrains.com]