Milan, Italy-based Reaxing introduces the Fluiball, a medicine ball filled with a variable quantity of nontoxic colored fluid for use in sport, fitness, and rehab exercise.

The gradual and monitored release of light, sound, and tactile simulations, as well as sudden motor interferences, force the athlete or patient to activate quick motor reactions, resulting in highly intensive neuromuscular training, according to the company in a media release.

Several weights and sizes are available, ranging from 500 grams to 12 kilograms, with each weight identified by a particular color.

Exercises that can be performed with the Fluiball include those for the prevention and strengthening of lower limbs, upper limbs, and core. The intensity of the exercise depends on the weight and size of the ball.

The Fluiball can also be used to help improve coordination, balance, and proprioception, indoors or outdoors, for rehab or recovery.

[Source: Reaxing]