The Indiana Pacers announces a partnership with PhysiMax Technologies allowing the use of the PhysiMax visual analysis system, which is designed to assess injury risk among players and help build tailor-made training programs.

“We are bringing the latest scientifically proven technology for athletic development and injury prevention onto our court,” says Indiana Pacers Director of Sports Performance Shawn Windle, in a media release from the team.

“[PhysiMax] quickly and easily measures dynamic movement patterns in real-time, objectively scoring players according to the latest evidence-based protocols. Our goal is to deepen in-house performance analysis with an easy-to-use, standardized and recurrent process,” he adds.

The cloud-based system combines elements of computer vision and machine learning-based algorithms to collect data on each player in order to analyze such full-body movement parameters as their jumping and landing patterns, pelvic and trunk stabilization, symmetry of motion, and dynamic balance.

This information will enable the coaching staff to hone each player’s individual workout routines, assess their injury risk, and build training programs to strengthen weaker musculoskeletal areas, according to the release.

Prior to fully deploying the PhysiMax system, the Pacers used it to evaluate players leading up to the NBA Draft. Now, the Pacers will use PhysiMax to help measure the biomedical impact of high training loads among the players throughout the NBA season.

“We are excited to bring our technology to the NBA and to be working with a world-class organization such as the Indiana Pacers,” states Ram Shalev, CEO of PhysiMax, in the release. “We look forward to continuing the work we have already started doing with the Pacers.”

[Source: Indiana Pacers]