Harmonic Bionics Inc will be hosting live virtual demos of the company’s new upper body robotic rehabilitation system, Harmony SHR, it announces.

Rehabilitation professionals are invited to participate in the 15-minute demonstrations that will include an overview of the exoskeleton and how it works followed by a Q&A session with the company’s Product Director. Currently, virtual demonstrations will be held through June and Harmonic Bionics plans to begin scheduling in-person demonstrations of Harmony SHR in late summer.

Harmony SHR is engineered to work with a patient’s scapulohumeral rhythm (SHR) to enable natural, comprehensive therapy for both arms. When combined with Harmony SHR’s Weight Support mode, this shoulder design may allow for earlier initiation of post-stroke therapy, according to the company in a media release.

Harmony SHR’s Preprogrammed Exercises promotes functional treatment through patient-specific movements that can enable an increased number of repetitions per session without increasing the therapist’s physical burden. Featuring Bilateral Sync Therapy, the rehabilitation exoskeleton enables intent-based therapy by registering healthy arm movements and synchronizing that motion onto the stroke-affected side.

“We are excited to show Harmony SHR’s unique design and to hear feedback from the rehabilitation community on how it may help patient recovery through enabling early intervention, increasing intensity and employing patient-specific intent-based therapy,” Harmonic Bionics CEO, Christopher Prentice, says in the release. 

“Our aim with robotics in rehabilitation is to provide programmable, customized exercises that can help reduce physical burden on therapists while improving the quality and efficiency of the therapy. We believe the future of rehabilitation lies in technologies, like Harmony SHR, that increase access by facilitating more community-based therapy and home-based therapy,” he adds.

Visit Harmonic Bionics Inc to schedule a virtual demo.

[Source(s): Harmonic Bionics Inc, PR Newswire]