Zynex Medical has introduced a full catalog of physical therapy products for distribution through its US sales force.

“I am pleased to announce our catalog with over 3,300 products for our sales force to promote in the clinics across the country and allow us to continue to build strong relationships with prescribers and clinics we already serve,” says Thomas Sandgaard, CEO of the Englewood, Colo-based company, in a media release

The catalog is full of brand-name products from manufacturers such as CanDo, Mettler, Richmar, Chattanooga, GameReady, Theratherm, Manosplint, Orfit, Baseline, TOGU, and Armedica. These products will be sold directly to clinics and therefore not require any insurance billing.

In the first quarter, the company continued to focus on the execution of its growth strategy and the related growth of its sales force by adding 150 sales reps so far in 2020. Its sales force is now up to a total of 285 that will now begin to promote all of these products, per the release.

“We continue to advocate for pain patients, and for physicians to prescribe our NexWave technology as the first line of defense in treating chronic and acute pain without side effects,” Sandgaard continues.” We are dedicated to promoting our technology in an effort to remove patient addiction and other side effects from prescription opioids.”

Zynex, founded in 1996, markets and sells its own design of electrotherapy medical devices used for pain management and rehabilitation; and the company’s proprietary NeuroMove device designed to help recovery of stroke and spinal cord injury patients. Zynex also has a blood volume monitor for use in hospitals and surgery centers.

[Source(s): Zynex, PR Newswire]