HealthLoop has recently partnered with UMass Memorial Medical Center to enable care teams to engage with total joint surgery patients before and after admission via its patient engagement software solution.

HealthLoop’s solution is developed to provide automated daily check-ins to identify patients that need help in real time, allowing care teams to proactively intervene before costs and complications escalate, a HealthLoop media release explains.

“We’re excited to partner with UMass Memorial, a leader in healthcare, and bring HealthLoop to patients throughout the Worcester region,” says Todd Johnson, CEO of HealthLoop, in the release.

“HealthLoop provides a tool that establishes a real-time connection between our patients and our surgeons, improving pre-operative education and preparation as well as facilitating post-operative rapid recovery protocols,” states David Ayers, MD, The Pappas Chair, department of Orthopedics & Rehabilitation Medicine, UMass Memorial Medical Center, University of Massachusetts Medical School.

“While we are currently in the 97th percentile in patient experience for total joint replacement patients, we are always striving to improve the connection to our patients and believe that HealthLoop will help us accomplish this,” he adds.

For more information, visit HealthLoop.

[Source(s): HealthLoop, Business Wire]