PRO-FIT Orthotic Inserts, available from the Calif-based company North Coast Medical, are inserts designed to restore normal foot function as well as alleviate ankle, knee, hip, and lower back pain. The aligned orthotic inserts aim to provide medial longitudinal arch, lateral longitudinal, and anterior transverse arch support and cuboid support, as well as metatarsal and rearfoot lateral and medial support. Each pair comes complete with removable supination, pronation, and cuboid correction pads, and the inserts include additional left and right metatarsal support for pads. The materials consist of various densities of EVA for comfort, and the insert also features a heel shock absorber pad for additional comfort. The PRO-FIT Orthotic inserts are available in six adjustable sizes, and the inserts can be trimmed for the appropriate fit.

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Source: North Coast Medical