The new AliMed Worry-Free Fall Alarm, available through Dedham, Mass-based AliMed Inc, is powered by a sealed-in, 2-year battery and designed to use one battery for the life of the alarm. According to the company’s website, the product uses Always-On technology in an effort to take “the worry out” of remembering to turn the alarm on and off.

When a patient’s weight is on the sensor pad, Worry-Free is designed to simply monitor. Weight off the sensor pad triggers Worry-Free to sound an alarm, the site says. Users can push the reset button to silence the alarm or to put the system on hold. The site notes that the product is compatible with AliMed bed and chair sensor pads, seatbelts, and roll-control belts.

Alarms must be combined with a sensor device for a complete alarm system, according to the site.

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[Source: AliMed Inc]