Harvard-Westlake School, a private high school in Southern California, has partnered with Palo Alto, Calif-based SyncThink to provide advanced medical care for all student-athletes. It has become reportedly the first high school to onboard eye tracking technology, SyncThink announces in a media release.
Using EYE-SYNC will allow the school’s sports medicine staff to objectively measure brain performance to mitigate the effects of sleep deprivation, poor dynamic vision, and degraded attention that may lead to decreased cognitive function and sport-related injury.

“We are always looking to improve the services we offer to our community at Harvard-Westlake and are extremely excited to partner with SyncThink,” says Brian Gallagher, director of sports medicine at Harvard-Westlake School, in the release. “We look forward to helping assess and improve cognitive function and performance of our students as they pursue their academic and athletic goals.”

SyncThink Chief Clinical Officer Scott Anderson adds, “We are excited to welcome Harvard-Westlake as our first secondary education partner. We recognize the commitment they have made towards optimizing each student’s brain performance – their ability to learn and focus well are critical elements of achieving their academic and athletic goals.

“Furthermore, by monitoring these students closely, Harvard-Westlake will be able to offer more substantial support to positively impact impaired attention, or recommend subtle changes in lifestyle behaviors to mitigate the risk of injuries in sport and recreation.”

[Source: SyncThink]