The UBALL, a mobility tool created by a physical therapy patient, is designed to deliver a localized deep tissue massage to relieve tissue knots as well as scrape away scar tissue.

It features a unique shape that allows it to be secured to a barbell using the accompanying UBungee, enabling it to deliver enhanced acute pressure to release built-up tension from training or from injuries.

The 8.5-ounce UBALL is also built with strong material that, according to its manufacturer, allows for a deeper massage compared to other mobility tools.

“I was in a nasty car crash a few years ago, and the physical therapist’s deep tissue massages had a great impact on my healing,” says Julian Sardinas, founder of UBALL, in a media release.

“Unfortunately the insurance company eventually stopped covering the physical therapy and none of the mobility tools I found on the market were truly able to duplicate that same deep tissue massage. This experience led me to create my own solution,” he continues.

[Source(s): UBALL, PRWeb]