Shoulder health and performance system provider Crossover Symmetry has paired with O2X, a provider of Human Performance Training and education to tactical athletes, to help improve the fitness and shoulder health of firefighters, police officers, first responders, military officers, and others in service.

The partnership combines Crossover Symmetry’s shoulder exercise program with O2X’s education and human performance program.

“We recognized the importance of improving tactical athletes’ quality of life and their ability to perform their jobs as best as possible by focusing on five key concepts: Conditioning, Nutrition, Sleep, Stress Mitigation, and Resiliency Development,” says O2X Co-Founder Adam La Reau, in a media release.

“We love what Crossover Symmetry does for the shoulder health of athletes, from amateur to professional, and are certain that it will make a great addition to our O2X program,” he adds.

The partnership builds on Crossover Symmetry’s success with fire departments such as the Denver Fire Department and the Milwaukee Fire Department.

“It has been exciting for us to see how much of a positive impact Crossover Symmetry can have on the shoulder health of firefighters and other tactical athletes,” states Duggan Moran, president and founder of Crossover Symmetry, in the release.

“Shoulder injuries are a big issue in these lines of work, and our program can help to fix or alleviate most shoulder injuries, even rotator cuff and labrum tears, without surgery. We know that through our partnership with O2X, we will be able to assist a greater number of tactical professionals who are in need of an effective rehabilitation program.”

[Source(s): Smack Media, PRWeb]