Thanks to a surgeon’s recommendation, breast cancer survivor Sharon Madison, wife of former University of Kentucky Baseball coach Keith Madison, has worked with physical therapist Katie Filatreau as part of her breast cancer recovery to regain movement in her left arm, reports WKYT.

After two breast cancer surgeries and radiation, Madison found her body just didn’t work the same when it came to simple movements, especially on one side. Her surgeon made a suggestion.

Through the ReVital Cancer Rehabilitation program Filiatreau and Madison have worked to help her regain about 80 percent more movement in her left arm.

Filiatreau says because a cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming for a patient, many times she says physical therapy is left out of the spectrum of care.

“We are just really trying to change the model of care to introduce physical therapy as a vital part of the recovery process because we can address so many different deficits,” said Filiatreau.