NuStep LLC a provider of recumbent cross trainers, announces the launch of the UE8, a smart, inclusive upper body ergometer with a swivel drive train that supports barrier-free access to exercise from three positions: seated, standing and a wheelchair.  

The UE8’s unique swivel design, which adjusts at the touch of a finger, eliminates the need to remove the seat for standing or wheelchair users. As such, it supports efficient work flows for clinicians and provides quick, independent access for clients with varying degrees of mobility. Additionally, the swivel design enhances safety, eliminating the potential navigation hazards of an exposed seat rail when the seat has been removed, according to the Ann Arbor, Mich-based company. 

“The UE8 design is a result of asking, observing and truly understanding the core needs of our customers. Customers have come to expect NuStep to lead in accessibility, reliability, ease of use and, more recently, in technological innovation.” 

— Eric Sklar, NuStep CEO

In addition to the swivel drive train, the UE8 is also designed with integrated sensor technology. Force sensors measure the power and symmetry of a user’s performance in real time, providing objective data to document a user’s functional gains.  

Sklar notes that the UE8 is the third product NuStep has launched in the last two years. The company introduced TRANSITT, its real-time biofeedback testing and training system in 2019 and the T6 recumbent cross trainer series featuring a dual HD touch screen in 2020. 

[Source(s): NuStep LLC, PR Newswire]

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