NuStep LLC, a provider of inclusive fitness equipment used in healthcare, senior living, and wellness settings, announces the launch of the RB8 Recumbent Bike, the company’s fourth new product since 2019.

The RB8 features an inclusive design to accommodate  users of varying fitness levels and functional abilities. It is also the third NuStep product to feature integrated sensor technology and real-time biofeedback.

NuStep CEO Eric Sklar says, “After launching our first product with integrated force sensors and real-time biofeedback, it set the course for subsequent product development, opening the door to different exercise modalities like our upper body ergometer and now, our new recumbent bike.”

The RB8 launch coincides with the company’s recent move to a 100,000 plus square foot facility. As a vertically integrated manufacturer, NuStep’s expanding product line and associated growth in production operations prompted the move to a larger facility.

“Our former manufacturing facility served us well for over 20 years,” Sklar notes. “But with the introduction of four new product lines, space was at a premium, requiring line changes that affected efficiencies.  We resolved that with our new location, plus we have room to grow.”   

About NuStep LLC 

Headquartered in Plymouth, Mich, NuStep designs and manufactures inclusive fitness equipment sold worldwide. Since 1997, NuStep products have been the brand of choice in physical therapy, cardiac rehabilitation, senior community, fitness center and home settings worldwide. 

[Source(s): NuStep LLC, PR Newswire]