YuGo, created by an entrepreneur, creative game developer, and physical therapist, is engineered to allow physical therapists to define a personal exercise regimen that is then automatically transformed into video games to be played by the patient during rehabilitation.

Once a personalized exercise plan has been created, YuGo is designed to automatically convert the plan into games tailored specifically for the patient. The platform reportedly offers patients graphic-rich and goal-oriented games or use of a virtual trainer. On its website, BioGaming, the company that markets YuGo, states that rewards and challenges are used to engage and motivate the patient to maintain momentum.

A 3D camera sensor is built to accurately detect and display the patient’s body movements in real time. YuGo is engineered to provide immediate, actionable feedback on performance quality, and alerts regarding any compensations or faulty execution. The site notes that advanced reports are available to provide a complete picture of patient performance, progress, and compliance.

For more information, visit www.yugonow.com

[Source: BioGaming]