Lifestyle and fitness brand BootySprout offers the BootySprout, a high-resistance glute training device designed to allow users to perform weighted hip thrusts at home.

“Fitness trainers hear daily that their clients want to lose weight without losing their booty, or request exercises that will strengthen and tone their backside,” BootySprout creator and CEO, Michael Ballestero, states in a media release.

“The hip thrust is a very fun exercise that is also super effective, but it’s difficult and awkward to set up and perform with high weight. BootySprout allows people at any stage of their fitness journey to easily and safely perform high-resistance hip thrusts.”

The device is designed to isolate the three main gluteal muscles without compressing the spine.

BootySprout is safe up to 450 lbs of resistance. Once the exercises are completed, it is collapsible and can be stored under a bed.

For more information, visit BootySprout.

[Source(s): BootySprout, PR Newswire]