Ludica Health, formerly known as Jintronix Inc., a provider of innovative technology solutions for physical rehabilitation and healthy aging, announced general availability for LudoFit, a new exercise program designed to make fitness enjoyable, affordable, and convenient for seniors 55 and over. 

According to U.S. News & World Report, 90% of adults, aged 55 and older, prefer to age at home, and regular strength and balance exercise becomes crucial for maintaining independence. The challenge is in mustering the motivation to exercise and LudoFit was specifically designed to address this problem.

LudoFit’s tech-forward approach is designed to inspire seniors to stay active, embrace health, and have fun. LudoFit can be downloaded onto Windows computers, Mac computers, or iPads, and no special equipment is needed. LudoFit uses the device’s web camera to capture the person’s movements and relay them to the avatar on the screen. For example, while your character is skiing the Italian alps, you’ll be doing squats and weight shifts.

“With a combined 30+ years of experience in the healthcare space, the LudoFit team has come together with one powerful idea: to build an innovative program that not only enhances physical fitness, but also stimulates the mind with thrilling adventures like rafting in Southern Chile and rock climbing in Thailand,” says Mark Evin, CEO at Ludica Health.

“Our vision goes beyond conventional exercise programs,” continues Evin. “We understand the significance of stimulating both the mind and body. With LudoFit, we’ve curated an experience that seamlessly combines fitness and leisure, ensuring people have fun while prioritizing their health and well-being. This marks a significant step towards a healthier and happier aging journey for all.”

A beta was tested with over 300 people, and after participating in LudoFit, 79% of surveyed users reported improvements in their physical or cognitive capabilities. One user spoke to the tangible physical benefits: “My range of motion and my stamina, particularly in my hips, has improved,” said Kim Cozart. “I love to walk, but I haven’t walked because my hips get tired very quickly. And a couple of the programs on LudoFit really have helped with that.” 

Another user underscored the cognitive benefits of the platform: “It’s unique because it requires you to physically move and concentrate simultaneously,” said Craig Curtis, 78 years old. “It makes me feel sharp.” 

Featured image: LudoFit’s tech-forward approach is designed to inspire seniors to stay active, embrace health, and have fun. Photo: Ludica Health