PEAR Sports announces the new and improved PEAR Health & Fitness Platform, an enterprise software platform that is built to deliver smart digital coaching solutions. It includes Training Intelligence to create and manage personalized workout, therapy, and wellness programs.

At the core of the PEAR platform is the new Workout Builder, which enterprises can use to build and deliver customized digital fitness, therapy, and wellness programs for individuals and groups. It also includes Training Intelligence, adaptive technology designed to modify workouts in real time based on user performance and biometrics.

PEAR is designed to enable enterprises to build and deliver fitness and wellness programming. Companies can choose from PEAR’s extensive library of expert-guided sessions, or use their own custom-crafted content, according to the Newport Beach, Calif-based company in a media release.

“PEAR’s technology has been proven over the past seven years with major partners including Life Fitness, Bose, and Samsung Health. We can now offer PEAR’s dynamic, remote coaching expertise in an enterprise wellness solution that powers commercial gyms like Fitness SF, government applications like the USAF, and therapy labs like Myodetox,” says Bob Allison, founder of PEAR Sports, in a media release.

“We are eager to serve more vertical markets where we are confident this new platform will increase customer lifetime value for our partners’ digital health and wellness applications.” 

Mike Vanacora, director of global strategy at Life Fitness, states, “PEAR’s patented technology offers real-time, adaptive personal coaching, and it’s been validated by fitness and health consumers over the past five years with over 1.6 million downloads.

“Life Fitness is excited about our partnership with PEAR Sports to provide rich digital coaching solutions that are compelling for both the enterprise and our consumers alike. Together, our products inspire healthier lives.”

To learn more about the PEAR Health & Fitness Platform and to schedule a demo, visit PEAR Sports.

[Source: PEAR Sports]