HydroWorx introduces its Rejuvenate line of aquatic therapy pools. Inspired by the Minnesota Vikings NFL team, the pools are designed to enhance athletic recovery.

“As part of our Recovery line of plunge products, the new Rejuvenate plunges were inspired by customer feedback and represent our most advanced and configurable plunge solutions to date,” says HydroWorx Chief Executive Officer Timothy McCarthy, in a media release.

“There is increased demand in athletics for additional customization in plunge recovery solutions. The Rejuvenate line of plunges meets these needs,” he adds.

“The hydrotherapy area is probably the showpiece of our entire athletic training room,” Eric Sugarman, MS, LAT, ATC, Vice President, Sports Medicine/Head Athletic Trainer, Minnesota Vikings, shares.

“In addition to the HydroWorx 2000 underwater treadmill, we also selected the Rejuvenate hot and cold plunge products. We explored various plunge options but felt the size and depths of the HydroWorx best fit our needs. The hot and cold plunges are in-ground and fit up to 15 athletes apiece.”

McCarthy notes that the Middletown, Pa-based company’s customer engagement initiatives guided the design of its new line of plunge products.

“We’ve expanded the line to include eight size configurations, including a 12’x28’ model for larger programs in need of faster turnover for their athletes. Other important updates include configurability of stairs for improved traffic flow, ability to customize bench configurations, and flexibility to accommodate local pool code requirements.

“These new plunges are designed for new construction or to accommodate existing facilities and replace outdated products, by fitting through existing doorways,” McCarthy states.

[Source(s): HydroWorx, PRWeb]