A live workshop presented by Summit Professional Education will discuss kinesiology taping techniques for geriatric patients. The 1-day course will provide participants with an understanding of both orthopedic and non-orthopedic uses of kinesiology taping in geriatric patients. Participants will learn techniques to assess common orthopedic limitations of the upper and lower body, as well as gain skills to determine the appropriate integration of kinesiology taping with therapeutic exercise and other treatment techniques to improve function.

The educational workshop will also demonstrate and explain non-orthopedic uses for pain, stroke, and edema, along with applications for scar management. The seminar will combine hands-on labs and demonstrations to allow participants to practice taping techniques that can be applied to their practice and develop skills to improve safety, function, and healing in geriatric clients, according to the Summit Professional Education course description.

The learning objectives for this continuing education course include identifying clinical indications and contraindications for use of Kinesio tape and the proper taping techniques based on patient diagnosis and functional limitation. Additional learning objectives include: developing treatment plans to incorporate Kinesio taping techniques and therapeutic exercise; demonstrate application of taping for scar management; and apply taping techniques to specific areas of the upper and lower extremity for reducing pain, edema control, and muscle facilitation.

The educational workshop has several scheduled dates, including May 16 and 17 in Arkansas; May 18 in Tennessee; and June 27, 28, and 29 in Virginia. For additional course information, visit http://summiteducation.reachlocal.com.

[Source: Summit Professional Education]