The intermediate-level continuing education course for physical therapists, presented by North American Seminars, will take place August 27-28 in Sacramento, Calif.

During the course, participants will learn more than 50 taping techniques used in both sports and rehabilitation settings, broken down into the following regions: foot, ankle, knee, fingers, wrist, elbow, shoulder, and spine. The techniques include those for injury prevention and rehabilitation; Kinesiology taping for upper and lower extremities, and core; and basic lymphatic drainage techniques for clinical decision-making.

In addition, different types of tape and their function will be discussed, as well as how the taping techniques address specific musculoskeletal problems, according to a media release from North American Seminars.

Up to 15.5 hours of CME credit will be available from this course, which will be held at Sutter Canvas Center in Sacramento, Calif.

For more information, visit North American Seminars.

[Source(s): North American Seminars, PRWeb]